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What is Lora APRS?

LoRa is a modulation technology that uses a frequency spreading method to allow data to be transmitted over long distances at extremely low power levels.
The LoRa technology was actually developed for data transfer for IOT devices in the ISM bands (LoraWAN) and is also successfully used there.

Due to the large distribution and thus large numbers of units, the costs for the required hardware have dropped extremely and are affordable and extremely interesting for projects in the amateur sector.

For radio amateurs, the 433 MHz version is especially suitable, because it can be used in the 70 cm band by amateurs without the usual restrictions for IOT in the ISM band (duty cycle, transmit power, etc ...).

Some time ago I became aware of the possibilities of the quite cheap LORA modules from China.

But other projects left no time for a closer examination.

In January now there was some time and two modules could be procured promptly.

The "Tracker" is the mobile/portable unit. It determines the current position with the built-in GPS and sends it out as a data packet on 433.775 MHz.

The "iGate" is the stationary unit. It receives the position data sent by trackers and transfers this data, via WLan, to an APRS server. This server then makes the trackers visible on

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