German Amateur Radio Station


Configuration iGate

To configure the iGate we need some data, e.g. the position of the gate and a password to access the APRSIS.

The position can be determined very well at

We need the data from the red bordered box.

Additionally we need the APRSIS-PW. This is calculated from the callsign and can be generated here: APRSIS-PW


After flashing the DL9SAU software and restarting the module, you will find a new W-LAN in Windows, N0CALL-AP.

Now you have to connect to this network. The requested password: xxxxxxxx = ten small "x".

When the connection is established, open your WEB browser, Firefox for example, and enter

Now the configuration page should open.

If everything has been configured according to the instructions, the iGate should now be visible at

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